How To Add Custom Domain To Webflow

Add Custom Domain To Webflow

Adding a custom domain to your Webflow website can help you establish a professional online presence and make it easier for users to find and remember your website. This process involves configuring your domain’s DNS records to point to your Webflow site and updating your Webflow site settings to use the custom domain.

Before you begin, you will need to have a registered domain name and access to its DNS records. Most domain registrars provide a control panel where you can manage your domain’s DNS settings.

Here are the steps to add a custom domain to your Webflow site:

  1. Add the domain to your Webflow project
    • Go to your Webflow project settings
    • Click on the “Hosting” tab
    • Click “Add custom domain”
    • Enter your custom domain and click “Save”
  2. Configure DNS records
    • Log in to your domain registrar’s control panel
    • Locate the DNS settings for your domain
    • Add a CNAME record pointing to your Webflow site’s subdomain (this is usually “”)
    • Add an A record pointing to the IP address “”
    • Save your DNS settings
  3. Update your Webflow site settings
    • Go back to your Webflow project settings
    • Click on the “Hosting” tab
    • Scroll down to the “Custom domains” section
    • Click “Connect domain”
    • Select your custom domain from the dropdown menu
    • Click “Save changes”

It may take some time for the DNS changes to propagate and for your custom domain to start working with your Webflow site. In the meantime, you can still access your site using its Webflow subdomain.

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Once your custom domain is set up, make sure to update any links or references to your site to use the new domain. This will help ensure a smooth transition for your users and maintain the integrity of your SEO.