How To Add Google Analytics To Webflow

Add Google Analytics To Webflow

Adding Google Analytics to your Webflow site is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account or create a new one if you haven’t already.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Admin” tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Under the “Account” column, select the account you want to use, or create a new one.
  4. Under the “Property” column, select the property for the website you want to track.
  5. Under the “Tracking Info” column, click on “Tracking Code.”
  6. Copy the tracking code that appears on the screen.
  7. Return to your Webflow site, and in the Designer, click on the “Project Settings” icon (the gear icon) in the left-hand menu.
  8. Select the “Custom Code” tab.
  9. In the “Head Code” section, paste the tracking code you copied from Google Analytics.
  10. Click “Save Changes” and publish your site.

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That’s it! Google Analytics should now be tracking your Webflow site’s traffic and providing you with valuable insights.