How to Annotate PDFs on Android Using Google Drive App

Annotate PDFs

PDF annotation refers to the process of adding notes, comments, highlights, and other types of markings to a PDF document.

The Google Drive App for Android provides an easy and convenient way to annotate PDFs on-the-go. The app is free to use and offers a range of annotation tools.

This guide will provide an overview of the steps to annotate a PDF using Google Drive App on an Android device. We’ll cover uploading a PDF to Google Drive, annotating the PDF using the app’s tools, and sharing the annotated PDF with others.

Uploading a PDF to Google Drive App

A. To begin, open the Google Drive App on your Android device.

B. Next, upload the PDF file you want to annotate by selecting the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of the app and choosing “Upload” from the menu. Select the PDF file from your device’s storage and upload it to your Google Drive.

C. Once the PDF file has finished uploading, locate it in your Google Drive by selecting the “My Drive” tab at the bottom of the app and scrolling through the list of files until you find the PDF you just uploaded.

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Annotating PDF in Google Drive App

A. To annotate the PDF file, open it in the Google Drive App by selecting the file from your list of files.

B. Once the PDF is open, tap the screen to bring up the menu options, and then select the “pen” icon at the bottom of the screen to access the annotation tools.

C. To highlight text, use your finger to draw over the text you want to highlight.

D. To add comments, select the speech bubble icon and type in your comment.

E. To add text boxes, select the “T” icon and then tap the area where you want to add text. Type in your text and adjust the font size and style as needed.

F. To draw on the PDF, select the pencil icon and use your finger to draw on the document.

G. To erase annotations, select the eraser icon and then use your finger to erase the annotations you want to remove.

H. Once you have finished annotating the PDF, select the checkmark icon to save your annotations.

Note: Make sure to save your annotations frequently to avoid losing any work.

Sharing annotated PDF

A. To save the PDF with your annotations, select the “Save” icon at the top right corner of the app. This will save the annotated PDF to your Google Drive.

B. To share the annotated PDF with others, select the file from your list of files and then select the “Share” icon. You can then choose to share the file with specific people or create a shareable link that others can use to access the file.

C. Alternatively, you can email the annotated PDF to others by selecting the “More actions” icon (three dots) and then selecting “Send a copy”. Choose the format you want to send the PDF in, such as PDF or Word, and then select the email app you want to use to send the document. Add the email addresses of the recipients, add a message if you wish, and then send the email.


To annotate a PDF using Google Drive App on Android, you need to upload the PDF to Google Drive, open it in the app, use the annotation tools to highlight text, add comments and text boxes, draw on the PDF, erase annotations, and then save and share the annotated PDF.

The Google Drive App offers a range of annotation tools that are easy to use and make it simple to annotate PDFs on-the-go. The app is free to use and allows you to access your files from anywhere.

PDF annotation is important because it allows you to add notes, comments, and other markings to a document, which can help you to better understand the content and organize your thoughts. Annotated PDFs are also easier to share and collaborate on with others.