How To Merge Contacts In Salesforce

Merge Contacts In Salesforce

To merge contacts in Salesforce, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Salesforce and navigate to the “Contacts” tab.
  2. Select the contacts that you want to merge by checking the boxes next to their names.
  3. Click on the “Merge Contacts” button.
  4. Salesforce will display a list of the selected contacts and allow you to choose which contact will be the master record. The master record will be the primary contact that remains after the merge is complete.
  5. Review the data for each contact and choose which values you want to keep for the master record. You can also choose to create new fields for any data that you want to keep from the other contacts.
  6. Click “Merge” to complete the process.

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Note that merging contacts will combine all associated information, including activities, notes, and attachments. This action cannot be undone, so be sure to review all data carefully before completing the merge. Additionally, merging contacts may have an impact on related records, such as opportunities, so it’s important to communicate with any stakeholders affected by the merge.